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Published on Clean Plates. We often associate alleviating stress with indulging unhealthy vices, like an extra glass or two of wine, binge watching TV for hours, stress eating, even smoking a cigarette. There are more reasons to cook at home than there are coconut waters alot. Why does it work so well? Turns out cooking satisfies us in a few essential ways. For one thing, mental health experts credit cooking with helping to relieve depression, anxiety, and its manifestations, like eating disorders.

Stress Less: Tips for Cooks and Chefs - We Are Chefs

Mental health clinics have started using cooking as a type of behavioral therapy , much like music or art therapy. Check out more on this topic and other delicious superfood recipes, here. Not only is the act of cooking meditative on its own chopping, whisking, stirring—OM , it also leads to improved diet, which experts are now recognizing as crucial to mental health.

Studies also show a link between a healthier diet and higher levels of serotonin the happiness hormone. To put together a good meal, you have to be engaged and present. You need to taste, make snap judgments, add or subtract heat. Physically, cooking satisfies an immediate need and offers quick gratification. Plus, its ingredients are organic, they provide flexible delivery and eco-friendly packaging.

16 Vegan Entrées for Stress-Free Cooking

All you have to do is get yourself into the kitchen and enjoy the process—and the meals. Now all of that is a stress reliever. Feel The Beet.

How to COOK a Stress-Free Christmas Lunch for 8 (for £12.50 a head)

Menu planning, grocery shopping, onion chopping — not to mention picky eaters to please and stacks of dishes to wash. Some days, it's enough to make anyone want to order takeout. Help is on the way! We asked home cooks to share their secrets for taking the hassle out of cooking. See how well their tips work for you — and relax. Choose a base like pasta or rice, leafy greens, or a baked potato. That's your vehicle for the toppings of your choice.

Stock up on a variety of vehicles and toppings, and boom! Dinner planning for the week is done, no stress required. Planning a big meal? Once you've figured out your menu, check your grocery list twice don't assume you still have almond flavoring in the back of the spice rack. Same goes for recipes: Read them twice — out loud if you need to.

Want a stress-free Christmas dinner?

Feeling rushed ups stress and the chance to make mistakes. Work ahead as much as you can: Chop veggies the night before, and store them in the fridge.

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Set the table early — or better yet, ask someone else to. If a recipe has lots of new steps, double the prep time. The French have a name for it: mise en place , or everything in its place.

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By far, this was our cooks' top tip. Keeping up with the dishes frees up work space and saves you from feeling overwhelmed later. Start with a clean sink and an empty dishwasher.

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  • Then do a quick clean-up between recipe steps. Put the cookies in the oven, then wipe down sticky counters. Scrub a pot while you wait for the pasta water to boil.