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The Weir - La Belle Curve

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I'd welcome reading any attempt you might make at constructing a narrative using song titles. Or, use just the song titles of a favorite artist or band.

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I want to tell you something. I've got a feeling all you need is love.

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I will help. Hold me tight because do you want to know a secret? Tomorrow never knows. Yesterday, the night before? Let it be. Things we said today?

A day in the life; we can work it out. I need you, what you're doing, in my life. Wait; it won't be long - every little thing getting better. Anytime at all , when I get home , I'm happy just to dance with you. The End. Tuesday, September 24, That "I" Word. Ever notice the word you'll often use when someone says something that doesn't interest you at all is " interesting "? Pay closer attention to how many times you mindlessly utter that word, and how others unthinkingly say the same when you speak.

I realize small talk serves a useful social purpose.

At the same time, our ubiquitous use of the word interesting in fact reveals how totally uninteresting small talk really is. Although tempted to scream "dull!

Reflections From The Bell Curve

But, lately I've also been avoiding reflexively saying "interesting" in those harmless conversational situations. I hear you out there - "Interesting, Pat. OK, the reason I've been reflecting on this and putting more effort into reducing my use of the "I" word when trapped in a small talk web is my concern that that meaningless word could find a way to sneak into conversations where it doesn't belong.

I do not want to hear myself say "interesting" when offensive or insensitive statements are made or when an alternative fact is offered when a challenge or even a mild admonishment would be more appropriate. And, more important, I want to be paying closer attention to the words others use when responding to me in any conversation transcending the weather, the latest Twitter battle, what someone had for dinner last night.