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Cultivating Compassion: Meditation For Better Relationships

Students of color overall made up Educators of color, meanwhile, made up 8. Neighboring Vancouver Public Schools has slightly higher representation: For every Latino teacher in Vancouver there are Latino students, compared with 11 white students for every white teacher.

Melissa Sifuentes Phillips, an English-language learning para-educator, is a member of that class. Sifuentes Phillips is already seeing the impact those connections have on students. She recalled a recent conversation in Spanish with a little girl in her classroom. Take Vancouver-based Educational Service District , for example. Last year it became the first noncollege to offer an alternative pathways program.

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But the program is funded through tuition dollars or school-district investments, not the state board. Stonier hopes her peers will see the need to invest in such programs.

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Marla Morton, a speech-language pathologist at Cascade Middle School who co-leads the training, said districts must also invest in hiring a diversity of teachers so students have role models. He also said these programs eliminate barriers for people of color to access middle-class jobs and higher education.

Share story. By Katie Gillespie. Phillips is enrolled in a program that helps bilingual paraeducators pursue teaching degrees.

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Education Lab is a Seattle Times project that spotlights promising approaches to persistent challenges in public education. Learn more about Ed Lab. Adam Aguilera helped fourth-graders with a math game at Pioneer Elementary School.

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We believe that to cope with complexity we need more flexibility and to begin to explore our insides to be a source of inspiration for the team. The programs propose an experimental path to help leaders being loved and efficient at the same time, while helping talents and the unused energies to emerge.

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This generates a low-cost factor of innovation for the company. In this way, employees of all levels will be able to manage work-related stress.

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Intrapersonal intelligence, also defined as self management , the ability of understanding what is happening inside us. Interpersonal intelligence, often described as relationship management , the ability of understanding what is happening to the others and among the others. Are you happy at work?