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Since then towns, councils, organisations and businesses across the nation have followed suit including Fit for the Future members Ealing Council and Field Studies Council.

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But what exactly does declaring a climate emergency mean, and why might charities and other organisations decide to do it? Read more. News and Ideas. Back to all news. Advanced Search. Members Log in Join Us. News and Ideas Photo Galleries. Join Us And see what a difference you could make Join Us. Latest News Declaring a Climate Emergency- What does it mean for third and public sector organisations? They say their decision to adopt Mui made no sense to anyone else. But they knew this little girl needed them, and they had fallen in love with her.

Katie Piper thought her life was over when a hired hitman threw sulphuric acid in her face. But she's come a long way over the years. And now, year-old acid attack survivor Katie Piper is using her story to help inspire others! Katie dated Daniel Lynch - the man who orchestrated the attack that forever changed Katie's life - for just two weeks.

Daniel turned violent after the brief romance ended. In a fit of jealousy, he hired a hitman named Stefan. Stefan approached Katie on the streets of London, dousing her in sulphuric acid. The fact that both men received life sentences Daniel actually got two offers some consolation.

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But unfortunately, Katie was sentenced to life, too. A lifetime of dealing with the physical, medical, and emotional effects of the horribly cruel acid attack.

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  • The corrosive acid severely burned Katie's nose, throat and mouth, as well as partially blinded her in one eye. It terribly disfigured her face, almost as though it had melted. The short time it took Stefan to toss the acid, a matter of mere seconds, completely changed the trajectory of Katie's life. But our God can do amazing things. Take Brittni De La Mora as an example. She was living a reckless life as an actress in the adult film industry.

    But once the former porn star found Jesus, everything changed. And her story is an inspiration to us all. She was making lots of money and was considered a star in her field. But she was anything but happy. They actually just handed out the Book of John, but they put their own cool cover on it to make it relatable.

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    Read more to learn how Brittni embraced sexual purity and found true love and a husband! So many women find themselves suffering in an abusive relationship without even knowing how everything got so bad. Award-winning actress, Reese Witherspoon was one of those women and she recently shared her story in a TV interview. When Reese was younger, she was in a relationship that was very abusive. It was a very toxic situation.

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    And leaving the abusive relationship was one of the most difficult decisions she had to make. She shared that what made it so hard was having to deal with her own insecurity and doubts. Reese was going on a fast, downward spiral. She was losing herself in that situation, but she eventually realized her worth and that she deserved better.

    The person that she was in a relationship with crossed the line and enough was enough for Reese. Click to see how Reese escaped her abusive relationship and shared her real-life inspirational story to help others. There is no doubt that drugs are ravaging our country. Lives are lost day after day to addiction. And often it feels like there is nothing we can do to help. But there is something we can do, we can pray.

    He would sneak out of his house buy drugs and go to local motels to get high. His mother knew he was addicted and she was completely heartbroken. But she refused to give up on her son so she prayed and prayed. She would pray he would get too sick to get high.

    All The People Who Won Our Collective Hearts In 2018

    And sure enough Bobby would get horribly ill, but still carry on with the drugs. She would tell him what she was doing and he would just yell at her to leave him alone.

    But she refused to give up and she told him that God sent her a message and one day he would become a pastor and stop using drugs. He knew she has lost it. Until one day he decided to follow his mom to church. Continue reading about this inspirational true story of how Pastor Bobby Bedsoe was saved from drugs by his praying mom. This year-old mother unexpectedly became the face of the rising opioid addiction crisis. The police photographed Erika overdosed in her car. She was embarrassed and angry. Those initial feelings faded into the sobering realization that she had an addiction problem.

    They took the photo of Erika overdosed, with an empty syringe still in her hand. Since , more than 2, people have lost their lives on the Golden Gate Bridge. Kevin, miraculously, isn't one of them. Pushed to the brink by depression and anxiety his mental illness finally got the best of him, and he decided he couldn't take it anymore. He decided to commit suicide and jump from Golden Gate Bridge. As he stood on the bridge, he watched people walking and driving past him. One woman stopped to talk to him but only to ask if he would take her picture.

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    Kevin explains, "I thought, growing up, that everything's going to be great. Then at 17 it all came crashing down. Continue reading to hear what happened to Kevin on that bridge, and how he picked up life after writing his own suicide note. This KKK Leader found himself facing a black pastor who promised to love him and pray for him no matter what.

    It changed his life. Johnny Lee Clary grew up in a small town in Oklahoma. Sadly, he was taught to hate as a young boy. His entire family was racist and abusive. For Johnny, hatred of others was not only a normal part of life, it was celebrated. I was taught it. When Johnny was just 11 years old, his father committed suicide in front of him. Facing bankruptcy brought on by an unloving, cheating wife, his father felt that taking his own life was the only option. He began to abuse Johnny. After the police were involved, his mother threw Johnny out of the house, choosing her boyfriend over him.

    Without hesitation, Johnny joined the KKK. He was The next four years, Johnny was indoctrinated with KKK beliefs and when he was 18, he returned to Oklahoma to begin his own chapter as the Grand Dragon.

    It was during this time he met Rev. Wade Watts. A local radio station asked Johnny to come and debate a black man on air. Clary saw this as his chance to prove his merit to the Klan and agreed. But what he experienced was unexpected. And how that changed his life forever!