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The Body Window is a closed door once again. Unfortunately, believing that you can control the external environment that causes you stress, will only send you into a vicious cycle of attempting to control it, failing to do so, then suffering even more deeply from the pain of having failed. Then you try even harder to control your external environment, find again that you are unable to control it, and suffer even more deeply again.

I assure you that attempting to control others, or your environment will only cause you great pain and suffering.

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Allowing yourself to feel your emotional pain , accept it and release it, is the only way to redeem yourself from this cycle. Learning to use your Body Window will help you in this process. I choose to take the body-mind connection even one step farther. Often the soul is left out of this equation. I believe that for complete health and healing the spiritual aspects of health, or the soul has to be included in the body-mind connection.

You must learn to use your Body Window. Our rational society has helped us form deeply ingrained patterns of behavior through bombarding us with the notion that we can come to conclusions by the sheer use of our brain, or better explained, our left-brain. The left-brain is the rational, dominant, deductive part of most of our brains. The medical prefix for womb, hyster-, comes from the Latin word for crazy or hysteria, because hysteria was most often found in females. The belief is that being female or emotional is somehow weak.

And often people have chosen to accept this as they are brain-washed into believing that science and rationality is the best approach to the world. Thank goodness, this is not true in every situation as people everywhere are slowly awakening to the God-given gift of the right brain! Most of us have not been taught how to fully use our right brains, and our intuition, or to be OK with our feelings and by default our bodies.

It is our right brains that most easily access the messages the body brings to us. We are taught to beat our bodies into submission or to minimize the pain, or worse to believe that what our bodies are bringing to us is evil. This is especially true when our bodies have been victimized through abuse. We usually deal with our bodies through the left-brain, or our rational selves. We put all this information together and come up with a reason for why we have our symptoms. A very interesting phenomenon occurs when right brain activities are performed on painful areas of the body.

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The act of human touch, a physical gesture that symbolizes warmth and love, and brings us good feelings, brings out other emotions from our bodies. The key is a caring approach — a compassionate touch. Anyone who performs bodywork of any type will be able to tell you how powerful the body is as a messenger!

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The client who bursts into tears when s he gets a massage is demonstrating the release of emotions through touching the body. When certain areas of our bodies are touched, painful memories are remembered and released. The healing ability of human touch through various forms of bodywork such as massage, yoga therapy, Thai Yoga massage, Rolfing, Rosen Method, Rubenfeld Synergy, Bioenergetics and other touch-centered modalities is well documented.

Emotions frequently emerge through a therapeutic, compassionate touch. The intuition of the body is speaking to the person what the left-brain wants to keep suppressed. Their Body Window is speaking. We refuse to believe that our physical symptoms are part of us. That implies weakness. The symptom is in our body , we tell ourselves, and therefore separate from ourselves.

But the symptom is not in our bodies, nor is it in our heads. The symptom is in our body-mind-soul. Our bodies and our minds and our souls are all one, and the body is the messenger. The body is the messenger because the mind has failed to recognize the symptom as its own. The body then becomes a powerful tool to tell us our inner condition.

This is what I call the Body Window. The Body Window is a way of using the body as a spiritual tool, by using the body as a window to our inner condition, our true selves, to our souls. The body is a window to the soul. The current thinking is that pain, due to its subjective nature, is always real to the person and needs to be treated, regardless. This is a good thing. Because the separation between the physical body from the emotions and the soul is artificial - any pain of any origin is real, and therefore, needs to be recognized and be considered valid.

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Our bodies give us information about our inner condition through the Body Window. The information seeps out, and we can choose to hear it or not.

This information may take the form of great pain, as the body screams at us that something is wrong, that there is body-mind-soul turmoil going on. We need to pay attention to our pains, our illness, and our inner emotional condition.

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We cannot just push through the pain, or mask the pain with a pill, without great dis-ease eventually taking over us. The inner wisdom that is our body speaking to us is significant indeed. Our physical symptoms are giving us clues as to the areas in our lives that need attention. These clues come out in symbols, or metaphors regarding our true body-mind-soul condition. She came to realize later that her physical symptoms were due to extreme relational difficulties at the time.

This is no coincidence that the heart, the center for love, was affected. Women who have suffered from sexual abuse, and who deal with life-long issues from this trauma, often develop cancer and other conditions of the female sexual organs.

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There are many documented instances of the connection of the body-mind-soul. Especially when we have a name for the pain - a disease, that excuses us from searching for a deeper, truer meaning.

Welcome To My Space Where I'll Upload Book Reviews And Some Other Things :)

It is a fact that our thoughts "create" responses in our bodies. Thought creates matter. Stated in a different way, the mind can change the body. Take for an example the well-known fight or flight phenomenon. This information is translated from nothingness our thoughts to actual matter our bodies chemical responses and creates action in our bodies to take the next step in a dangerous situation — either run away, or stand and fight. Is it so impossible to believe that our bodies carry the memories that we have learned throughout our lives?

How do we remember to ride a bicycle, or ski, or dance? Our actual cells retain this memory to call upon our muscles to perform, even if the original cells of the muscles that actually learned the skill have been replaced many years ago. Where does this "intelligence" come from? Just as desirable memories in our bodies are maintained, so are undesirable memories. What follows this memory may cause us pain, in all senses of the word, emotional, physical and spiritual. But the pain is more acceptable to our minds if it is perceived as merely physical.

It is more acceptable in our society to have physical symptoms, which are not of emotional or spiritual origin, so therefore we are not seen as weak. We can blame our symptoms and dis-ease on something external. Everyone has emotions. Emotions are neither good nor bad — they just are! Emotions are just information about our true selves, our inner condition.